Updated Sensor Control to allow DNS + Port

Sensor Control in the web interface now allows the use of DNS addresses and port #. AKA instead of, you may have a DNS URL setup from the outside like sensor.mycooldomain.com and a port # of 10022 through your router. Now you can enter sensor.mycooldomain.com:10022 instead of just the IP and it will work correctly, including links in reports and downloads.

The “Creating Graph” works the same as creating downloads in Sensor Control since I like the Sensor Control method of flashing a message and disabling the create button better.

I have also added the framework to put in “Tool Tips” throughout the web interface to help explain things on the fly. I only put a few in the Graphing section to start but will add more fairly soon.

Let’s see what else… I created a class to start a Thread and monitoring it so I can show the running status of different parts of the program. I just need to finish up on the Trigger monitoring, since it actually starts a thread for each sensor type. It’s already working, it’s just not showing on the information page right.

I’m making decent progress, so more to come soon.

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