Monthly Archives: July 2020

High/Low Triggers + More

I have now finished the High/Low trigger recording. It’s pretty basic, if the reading goes above your “High” reading, it records to the DB as a “High” state and stays there until it goes bellow High but above Low or it goes bellow Low. If it’s between High and Low, it records a “Normal” state, and of course if it’s bellow the Low trigger, it records as a “Low” state. It also records the current state when the system starts up. Because it only records changes of state, recordings will be minimal saving space on the disk and system resources.

I have now also re-organized the Installed Sensors and SQL Recording configurations. It should make it easier to find what you’re looking for and make more room for additional sensors and recording types.

Some other misc. changes include adding the ability to change how often the Sensors Checkin and moving the Enable SQL recording into their own setting sections.

I have slowly been adding screenshots and content to the Documentation as well as adding links throughout the program that take you to the exact sections in the documentation. I suspect I’ll be at the documentation for a while before it’s all said and done, but I should probably concentrate on it now.

I suppose that’s it for the update. These changes are now in the Developmental channel and can be tried out anytime.