Monthly Archives: October 2010

Zeitgeist Newsletters

I read through the first newsletter for the zeitgeist movement a little while ago and thought the information in there was excellent. Here are a few lines out of it.

In a sustainable society, human motivation would be driven by contributions to society and hence themselves – not abstractly “making money”. The system would be designed to best facilitate the needs of the population directly. Yes, this is that dangerous phenomenon we hear so much about, with the image of blood engulfing the planet Earth, denoted as “Socialistic”. God forbid society might actually be ‘designed’ to benefit the people which live inside of it. The fact of the matter is, the profit motive incentive and hence our competition oriented system is entirely “antisociety”.

In a sustainable society, a “steadystate” economy would be in order. This would mean that there is no pressure to consume, as labor is not linked into the feedback loop.

There are 2 as of this writing. Check them out here