Monthly Archives: February 2011

Invoicing Software

As most people probably know… well some, I run my own business, and until just recently I did all my invoicing with excel sheets to keep it simple. Well I decided to move up in the world and find something better, cause even with the few jobs I get, I found I was actually spending a fair bit of my time writing up the bills and typing in all the client info as apposed to spending time doing actual work.

Being the open source lover that I am, I wanted something Free and Linux friendly. I looked a bit and found some meh ones and a few that didn’t quite work with my setup … but then… out of a user comment… I found … wait for it… SOMETHING! More specifically Bamboo Invoice! It was simple, easy to setup (for a tech) and was pleasant enough to look at.

Bamboo Invoice

The first thing you’ll probably want to know if your considering it, is that it is actually a web app, meaning it needs a web server and database program to run; not a problem for me, but probably will be for some one who doesn’t run their own web server, but if your interested just look up windows LAMP server or something and you’ll find some pretty good and simple web server software that you can run off your own computer and get this thing running.

Any way long story short, I can now just click on “New invoice”, select a client, and put in some amounts and its good to go. It also shows me who has and has not paid as well as if they are overdue on payments. When I have to do taxes at the end of the year it also just show’s me the numbers for the year so I don’t have to manually add them up anymore (not to mention some fancy graphs ^_^).

I realize this is probably pretty boring stuff, but it’s been awhile since I updated my blog so… here it is ^_^ Also its exciting for me cause its making my billing easier and I got to setup a new web app on my server.