Monthly Archives: September 2013

Ubuntu hate (not me)

Ubuntu seems to always get a lot of hate for things they do, but I think a lot of it is unjustified. Granted, I would like to see Canonical use more standard directions, like Wayland instead of Mir (especially since they were the ones who started going with Wayland), but I'm sure they have their reasons, and if I remember correctly, one of the main reasons was to get android drivers working with it for quick deployment.

That being said, I think they are doing a lot more good then harm. Their biggest achievement I think has always been getting Linux as a desktop platform into the publics eyes. Also the only “harm” people seem to complain about, is either

A) putting in non-open source things like driver blobs


B) making their own software instead of using something already out there


For the first part, yes I would like to see more Open source drivers out there, but Canonical made it so Ubuntu runs on WAY more systems, and better! This is a plus for the user, and once things get rolling with Linux being more main stream, I'm sure companies will start putting more time into making better open source drivers for their hardware (Nvidia is now putting out documentation so a better Open Source driver can be made, partly thanks to Steam making SteamOS and maybe partly because of Linus fingering them…).

For Canonical making their own software instead of using things already out there, who cares? I know of only really 2 things they have made them selves and people have complained about, and that is Unity (user interface) and Mir (instead of wayland). In the case of Unity, simply install another user interface…. its not hard, there are loads of documents on the web to help you as well, should the software center not have it (but I'm fairly sure the software center does indeed have all the major ones) or you want a updated version. As far as Mir is concerned, I don't see the big issue, for one a lot of people are comparing it to how it runs right now… which is in a alpha state, so it will get much better, and 2 all the side distro's that REALLY don't want to use mir, could just create the distro with something else, granted it would be more work, but it's possible.


Another thing you have to keep in mind, is that Canonical is pushing the boundaries of Linux/GNU to get to places that it would otherwise be really hard to get to. Like the phone. It took a HUGE company google to get Linux as the base of their android OS and that is ONLY the kernel. Canonical is trying to get Linux/GNU as a whole out there, and they are going to have to do things differently in order to push it out in time and be able to stay on top of things to make sure their product functions as it should. Right now they need the driver blobs and Mir to get the whole convergence thing, and that's fine. I for one applaud them for making the hard calls to advance Ubuntu in to areas that would other wise be just a dream.


Linux/GNU is MUCH better with Canonical then without. When Open source software and Linux becomes more of a norm in all area's of computing, I have no doubt Canonical / Ubuntu will be a big reason why!