Monthly Archives: March 2011

New Remote Administration program

I should be more specific, new to me remote program 🙂 I was first introduced to it when I was working for another company, and at the time it seemed… kinda clunky and the interface could use some work, but a lot of the options where there and pretty awesome. I have been using and still do use Team Viewer, mostly because of the ability for it to connect without the need to port forward and I could pay for it once and use it for ever… well 10 years at least. That being said it is lacking some features, such as the ability to do things beyond just a remote desktop. You have to connect every time you want to do anything like file transfers.

So what is this new program and what can it do you ask? It’s called Kaseya and the new version is pretty sleek. Some of the abilities are scheduled tasks, registry editing, command line access, event viewer and task manager. These are all accessed remotely without having to interrupt the user! It also has some nice tiers to it, such as a pay as you go at low costs, like $10 a month plus $1.50 per month for each computer you manage, a good way to start off with it. Some of the more advanced editions have things like image backup and update managers for groups of machines, as well as very detailed lists of software and hardware in the machine.

For now I’m sticking with Team Viewer because I have paid for it and don’t utilize the extra features enough to justify the cost, but when I start to get more managed services clients I will definitely switch them to it.

If you do remote computer work you won’t regret checking it out. There is also a free version with limited features. Kaseya