Monthly Archives: September 2020


The email system in Kootnet Sensors is pretty much done, I just need to get Plotly graph’s working but everything else is good to go. Quick Graphs and Reports can be sent on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis to one or more emails.

I also spent some time tweaking the performance of the Graph generations. In order to do this, I have put as much of the processing work on the SQL retrieval side, as it uses much faster C or C++ code to do it. For example, when you skip data points, it now skips it in SQLite instead of getting all, then removing data points after. There were some other more minor changes that should help performance as well.

Other updates include changes to the web interface layout (mostly around configurations), there is a single setting for the DateTime offset that is applied throughout the program, better email verifications, continual updates of things like hostname / IP address (every 5 hours I think) and a bunch of other misc fixes and refactoring.

I’m thinking I should now go through and start adding docstrings, clean ups and updating the help document.

As far as future features, I’m thinking of creating a Backup section, to backup not only data, but also configurations. I’m also thinking of re-working the remote configuration push.

That’s it for now. I’m hoping to put more time into programing, especially since its SUPER smokey out now (for the past 3 or so days).

Kootnet Sensors Update

It has been a bit since my last update. Summers has been pretty slow as far as the programming goes, however, I have made progress. Today I have an email notification system working (mostly). Kootnet Sensors can now email a Sensor Report or a Quick HTML graph as a one time go or at a set interval of X hours. I have uploaded the changes to the Developmental channel, so you can update to that and try it out if you wish to get a sneak preview.

Until next time!