Released Kootnet Sensors Ver. Alpha.27.336

New Release!

I have now managed to go over most of the program for testing and things seem stable. So 27.336 was the magic number. There are a lot of developments since version 26.x, but I won’t go into them tonight since most of the changes are in previous posts and definitely in the changelogs.

This release is the first to have a section dedicated to replacing the management features of the Control Center. It already does most things better than the Control Center program, especially around downloading sensor data from multiple sensors. I’ll be making big changes to the Control Center and re-branding it. It will focus on Data manipulation instead of Sensor Management. The HTTPS web portal will take up the management of single and multiple sensors. This release also adds support for both Luftdaten and Open Sense Map weather monitoring services.

I have started to customize some of the HTML components to make them a bit more modern. The checkboxes and radio boxes are slightly fancier now. A small gesture of things to come.

I feel like I should keep an SD card of each version pre-installed to see how things change over time. Thanks to GitHub keeping all versions in one form or another, it shouldn’t be too hard.

That’s it for now.

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