Kootnet Sensors MQTT Update

I have updated MQTT publishing and subscribing. There was nothing ‘wrong’ with the publishing, but I have made it more efficient by grouping all the readings to be sent into a single list made of dictionaries and sending it all at once, instead of publishing each one individually.

The MQTT Subscriber on the other hand was dropping data a lot, some sensors would only give one or two readings and never anything else, while others only randomly showed readings. I managed to fix it by using callback access inside the Python MQTT library instead of a client connection. Now all the data comes through every time.

The next step will most likely be updating graphing to allow the use of the MQTT subscriber database. I also wanted to add the ability to upload different databases for use in graphing as well as adding the ability to save multiple IP lists in remote management.

The new version has been uploaded to the Dev channel and is ready to try, which is currently Beta.32.12.

  1. Good Day love using kootnet.

    Since Beta.32.12 my mqtt stopped working.

    Kootnet LOG: ERROR: MQTT Publisher Send Failure: Connection Refused:
    not authorised.

    Mosquitto (Home Assistant): New connection from on port 1883.
    Socket error on client , disconnecting.

    I did try to reinsert my login details but still the same error.

    Thank you.

  2. I have replied to this on GitHub.

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