Monthly Archives: January 2013

2013 & LTSP!

So, its 2013!  We made it past the horribly over ratted and misunderstood mayan end of the world (actually end of an age).   Its been a pretty good end of 2012 / begining of 2013 as far as my business goes.  I have been messing around with EdUbuntu and the LTSP (Linux terminal server project) and that's been awesome.  I'm going to introduce it to a school next week if all goes well.  Basically it lets me send out a image that loads off the server through the network to a bunch of low powered desktops.  This is good, because their computers are old, crappy and they have no budget to replace them (like a lot of schools).  Not to mention Edubuntu is free!  

Now I'm impressed with LTSP, because after a day of messing around with it, its actually really easy to manage, maintian, update and just generally mess with.  For my original messing with it, I just installed LTSP on top of Ubuntu and it didn't take long to figure it out (assuming you have experience with linux and the CLI).  The options are simple and useful, decently well documented and a breeze to get up and running.  I have just tested it on one computer + the server I had laying around, but I'll try and post an update after getting a bunch of other computers on it at the actual school.  

Happy new years every one!