Monthly Archives: September 2012

Proxmox (Ver. 2.1)

So I have been playing with proxmox 2.x for a while now, and its pretty awesome compared to 1.x.  The layout and options are sweet (from the web interface).  I have since updated a client of mine from 1.9 to 2.1, and for the most part things went fairly smoothly.  Even windows server 2008 seemed to run better and not crash!  Big plus ^_^  But I did hit a snag when the backups no longer worked.  They would start but never finish past a certain point in snapshot mode, which of course was a problem … So after a few weeks of poking around, I found it was the LVM snapshot settings.  Had to adjust /etc/vzdump.conf to different size setting.  The config file was blank (so all defaults i guess), which should make the size setting 1024.  Changed to 8192 and now it works perfectly.  I'm not sure if it really matters having the setting that much higher .. but from my understandings, its just the size of space reserved for any changes made to the VM image while its being backed up.  AKA as far as I know, it stops writing to the main image, and writes all changes to a seperate "space" until the backup is complete, after which it merges.  So having it that big should only take that space away from other stuff … Since i have space to spare, should be good to go!  In reality though, this could probably be set to 4096 or 2048.  

Any way, if your looking for a Virtual Machine bare bone system, this is pretty rock solid and worth a look.  Especially if your budget is tight.  If you want to be sure things go smoothly, get the support contract with the company that maintains it.  It's always worth supporting companies that put things out for free any way!