Kootnet Sensors Update 0.35.142

I have been testing Kootnet Sensors and fixing minor issues and making other minor changes. So far nothing major has come up so I’m pondering making this version 1.0 after a bit more testing.

Some of the changes include.

  • Clearing validated and failed login sessions after user/pass update
  • Removing overly noisy debug logging for cleaner logs and performance
  • Updated debug logging for clarity in some situations
  • Fixed continual DB writes for “Normal” values in High/Low trigger recording
  • Fixed “null byte” warning in bash script during install
  • Changed the update server to use HTTP instead of HTTPS due to a bug in the auto-update server downloading (I’m still not sure what is causing it, since manual updates still work using HTTPS)

I’m pretty happy with this version. There are some nice updates since the original release of 0.35.114 that include performance, bug fixes and security updates, not to mention the networking overhaul.

This version is in the Stable channel release now and will be in the master branch of GitHub shortly.

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