Monthly Archives: April 2020

Kootnet Network Testers

With all the updates on Kootnet Sensors, I thought it was about time to do some more work on the Network Testers. So far I have added the following.

  • View and download previous test results
  • Setup repeating tests every X amount of time
  • Set custom run options for iPerf3

I’m also working on adding a one time run of tests at a specific date and time but it’s not finished yet.

Besides features, I also fixed a bug with the new deb update system. Unfortunately the old (current release) runs the upgrade inside the program itself, so when it goes to restart the service, it kills the install and puts the install in a non-operational state 🙁 So it needs to be updated from the command line or downloaded and installed manually. Using the built-in button on the web interface will break the install and prevent it from starting up again. I’ll have to think of a way around that… or just post a warning.

Other features in the works include sending test results to email or FTP and adding aditional network tests.

I’m hoping to release these changes in the next week or so.