Monthly Archives: April 2014

Random Update

Once again its been awhile since posting here.  I have been pretty busy as of late, with a decent amount of work coming in, but also the family side is taking a lot more of my time, thanks to the wife working more then me! 

Let see, Ubuntu 14.04 will be out in a matter of weeks! So that's pretty exciting.  They are brining in a few nice updates, such as allowing local menus again (not all the file menu's at the very top, but in each app if you desire).  Its a setting you can enable in the settings panel.  They have also improved the scaling for super HD monitors, such as the 4k displays.  The kernel will also be 3.13 with a already back port from 3.14 for the new intel graphics support.  So I'm fairly excited about this LTS release.  Things we will NOT see for a fairly long time is the Mir display server, as its not up to spec yet, which is a bit disapointing, but understandable, as that's something you want rock solid!  Due mostly because of all the contraversy, I kinda wish Canonical would just go back to making Wayland their target but o well (I just hate seeing a big divide in use of a main OS subsystem).  

In other news, SteamOS is coming along nicely and thanks largely to SteamOS, the 3 main Video card makers seem to be picking up the slack for improving the Open Source Drivers for their video cards!  Nvidia is not doing a heck of a lot for older cards, but they seem to be doing a fair bit of work for their SoC Tegra graphics support.  They will also hopfully open up more documentation along the way to help out the open source driver.  SteamOS is also using Debian as their main OS instead of Ubuntu (As I think I mentioned before).  If the Open Source drivers keep inproving, I may give straight Debian a try instead of Ubuntu.