Monthly Archives: May 2021

Kootnet Network Testers

Now that Kootnet Sensors has its new interface I have turned my attention to the Network Testers and added the ability to run to find your Internet speeds courtesy of SpeedTest-CLI. I don’t have options in place yet, so it auto picks a server with the best ping times and runs. It works on the E-Ink display and the web interface. Upgrade to the latest developmental version to try it out. I’ll tweak it more as time goes on.

I’m also considering upgrading the web interface of Kootnet Network Testers as I did with Kootnet Sensors… It’s just so time-consuming… took me 2 months to get Kootnet Sensors’ new interface ‘done’. Maybe I will make a poll on the Raspberry Pi forums.

That’s it for today’s update.

New Kootnet Sensors Version in Stable

I have now poked around and tested most of the program, and it’s been working smoothly.
So Kootnet Sensors Beta.33.69 is out! Please note that this upgrade will reset your MQTT Publisher configuration.

As mentioned in previous posts, this version is 90% about overhauling the Web Interface.
Other modifcations include MQTT Publisher improvements, updated security options under email SMTP settings and the ability to view a list of all sensors in the MQTT Subscriber database.

I’m going to wait a bit before I start on Beta.34.x to fix any lingering bugs and re-do the help documentation and program tests. I’m also going to shift over to my Network Testers and add a bit more functionality to it.

So please, upgrade, try it out and report any bugs to the GitHub page or you can also post it here or on my Raspberry Pi form post.

I hope everyone enjoys the new interface!

Interface progress update

I’m getting close to releasing a new version of Kootnet Sensors! 90% of the changes in this release are around the new Web Interface. As of today, it has been 2 months since I started creating the new Interface. Everything is done but I want to do some more testing before releasing it. So hopefully in the next few days, it will be put into the stable channel.

Soon! … soon…