Kootnet Sensors Live Graphing!

Some exciting news, Kootnet Sensors now has Live Graphing! This has been something I wanted to add since I first moved to a web-based app, however, I had trouble with the JavaScript syntax using Charts.js. Now that I have done more work with JavaScript, HTML and CSS, I finally figured it out and got it working!

By default, live graphs are set to graph the local sensor but I have added options to allow it to graph remote sensors too! Options include

  • Select which sensors to graph
  • How many sensor graphs are displayed per row
  • Update Interval in seconds
  • Sensor address (leaving this blank will graph the local sensor)
  • Disable SSL Verification, which is needed when graphing remote sensors that have a self-signed SSL certificate or if you are using an IP address.

Another neat ability with Live Graphing is you can open up multiple windows to view different sensors (So long as Disable SSL Verification is not enabled).

I am still finishing up work on Live Graphing but expect a new developmental release by the end of the week.

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