Kootnet Sensors Graphing

I’m decently satisfied with Kootnet Sensor’s Live Graphs now. I added a few new features, for one, you can set how many data points are plotted before it starts to remove old readings. This gives it a “scrolling effect” once you hit the max data points. It also helps with performance and viewing clarity. I also added a “Performance Mode” to disable animations, and later on, other performance-enhancing tweaks.

Database Graphing (Plotly) is now being used for Graph emails and a configuration for Database Graphing has been created. Email Graphs uses its own copy of the configuration so you can have different settings for general graphing and email graphs. It even works if you select an MQTT sensor for graphing instead of the local sensor.

I’m kinda thinking of making the next release version 1.0.0. Additional planned changes are more enhancements to existing sections, so I think the base is pretty stable now. I’ll see how it goes and do some more testing and decide later on.

That’s it for now, check out the new Live graphing, it’s pretty sweet!

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