More updates!

More changes to Kootnet Sensors as of Beta.35.20. Here’s a quick list.

  • BugFixes
    • Sense HAT joystick service runs properly now (was continually “crashing”)
    • Datetime conversions work properly now (based on UTC offset)
    • Updates to version numbers that add up to only 9 characters works correctly
  • Ban IP from logging in temporarily when 10 or more logins are unsuccessful within an hour
  • MQTT Subscriber & Checkins Server pages that contain a list of their sensors, is now generated by button and in the background
  • When Demo mode is enabled, logins are no longer required (but most system commands are disabled)
  • Updated install package to work with Debian Bullseye & Python 3.9
  • Replacing sensor databases now verifies the uploaded database is of the correct type
  • Other minor changes and updates

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