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So I decided it would be good to track a bit of the Sensor usage to help with troubleshooting as well as give the ability to monitor sensors uptime and such. To that end, I have created a “Call Home” type function. I know privacy is often a concern, so I came up with the following ideas (so far) to help track sensors and their issues, without compromising privacy.

To start, it sends the following information “Home” on boot and every 24 hours after that by default.

  • A randomly generated (at first run) “Sensor ID”. This is a 32 alphanumeric string. This is used to ensure each checking in sensor is unique. It can also be used to help individuals if they run into issues, as they only need to give me that ID and I can find log entries to determine and resolve issues.
  • Software Version. The version will help me identify where issues are and when issues are fixed.
  • The last 25 lines of the Primary and Hardware Sensor logs. I chose not to include the Network log, because of all the IP’s it logs, which might be a privacy concern. It also only sends logs on A) start-up and B) when the logs have changed since the last sending. This will help keep bandwidth usage to a minimum.

What I want to do is expand this to be able to change where it “checks into” so it can be used to track sensors for the person using it if desired (AKA get check-in’s yourself, instead of sending them to me). I’m making both the check-in function and check-in tracking integrated into the Sensor Software, so one can turn any sensor unit into the tracker monitor. I also want to add the ability to disable it completely for those who really don’t want any data being sent back.

In other news, I have finally set up a Configuration transition to smoothly keep settings between upgrades. It should work well for upgrades between Stable releases, but might not be perfect if you are constantly upgrading to the latest development builds.

Besides working on my sensor tracking section, I also want to add 2x new sensor “types”. First being Particulate Matter 4 (one sensor supports that level) and Noise (on the Enviro+). Once those are in and more tests have been run, I will release a new version into the stable channel.

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