Here is a quick recap of some things done with my programming that I haven’t posted about. I should also be releasing a new version into the stable channel in the next few days or so.

Here’s a list of some of the major changes to Kootnet Sensors in no particular order.

  • Added MQTT Support as a Broker, Publisher and Subscriber
  • New Sensor Support
  • Tweaked for faster performance
  • Added Temperature Compensation based on Raspberry Pi CPU temp + multiplication factor
  • Dummy sensor added for Testing and Demo purposes
  • Added Display Configuration to customize mini LED display usage
  • Added the ability to restart specific parts of the program without having to restart the whole application. Only changing the Main configuration, Installed sensors or Trigger variances will cause a restart of the whole app. Soon only saving Installed Sensors will cause a restart
  • A ton of behind the scene changes
  • Misc bug fixes and visual tweaks

Right now I’m just smoothing over the rough spots and fixing any bugs I find. I also want to add a FAQ’s section as well as make a decent manual.

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