Ubuntu moving away from X?

An interesting move Here. I’m all for moving things forward, so it will be interesting to see how this goes. I like the ideas that mark mentions in here, like taking advantage of the newer graphics cards. Hopefully this will encourage video card manufactures to open source their drivers or a variant of them too. Also if its easier to develop on top of Wayland as apposed to X, this will help improve the development process and get better UI’s out sooner!

Looking forward to seeing a Ubuntu version using it!

  1. Go Linux mint. Theey are reorienting towards Debian just for that reason

  2. Ya looks like mint will be following the progress of wayland, but no plans to switch to it right away. http://www.muktware.com/n/09/2010/440

    From the little bit that I have seen of Unity, it actually looks pretty good, cause for me, when it comes to the UI, I want it simple and intuitive. When I want to dig deep I goto the terminal ^_^

    I look forward to seeing a more finished product in Ubuntu 11.04

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