Kootnet Sensors – Hardware Drivers Included

I have put the hardware drivers directly into Kootnet Sensors, instead of installing them with pip. This should ensure all the sensors work, regardless of the upstream project changes or updates I make to utilize new driver features. It took a bit of poking for the EnviroPlus sensor, but it and all other sensors I could test appear to be working well across the Pi Zero W, Pi 3b+ and the Pi4. I’m still wondering about including some of the other dependencies …

A few “bugs” have been fixed, such as making sure only one call to access a sensor is done at a time. Mostly around sensors that require a “keep-alive” thread, which bypassed the other in use checks. This should clear up errors around gas and the EnviroPlus’s particulate matter sensor.
I also made it so sensors that update multiple readings, even with single reading requests use a cache, so if the program is getting readings for all sensors (but through individual sensor reading requests), it can take from the cache for all requests made after the initial update within 1/2 a second.

The next thing I should really finish up is the Sensor Control section of the web portal. Once Configuration and Online Service sections have been done, it can pretty much do everything the PC Control Center app can do.

That’s it for now. Slow going for the short winter days and the long winter nights.

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