Kootnet Sensors Update

Now that Kootnet Network Testers are working well, I thought it was time to do a bit more on my Sensor Project.

I have started to integrate a version of each hardware sensor driver (the pip modules) into my program directly. The major reason for this, is I have already had 2 sensors change their functions in a way I had to fix my program to use it. This creates real problems because previous sensors don’t auto-update their drivers and conflicts start to arrive where it’s working on one but not another. I’m hoping I won’t have issues between the Pi Zero and the Pi3/4 due to the arm hardware differences. I’ll be sure to test it on all models before release, but so far the only one I am having any real issues with is the Enviro+. All the others have been entirely drop-in replacements. I think I have 4 sensors left to add drivers for, plus the Enviro+ I have to fix.
I’m happy to say that all the drivers so far have added up to about 500 Kbytes. So my installer is currently sitting at 1.5 Mbytes.

This change will also make the install much faster, as pip is not exactly a speed demon for downloading and install modules. I’m also considering adding other dependencies to the installer to make sure it will work, regardless of what happens with the dependencies own projects and even pip itself. But I’m also concerned about security with modules like Flask and the gevent since they are the internet-facing modules that you want to be patched and up to date. For now, I’ll most likely keep Flask and gevent as a pip install at the time of install, however that may change in the future… in fact, I suppose I could include the modules but then add a script to download the new version and copy it over the old one and restart the program… yeah that would probably work. I could even add an auto-update option for those modules at set intervals but disable it by default in case of issues introduced… actually… I can even have it update the module at the time of install.

Anywho, that’s what I’m working on now and once done, should improve consistent stability.

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