Sensor Control ‘n’ More

It’s getting time to release another version into the “Stable” Alpha channel.

I have been working on Sensor Control for the most part and have added the following features.

  • Online Status – Now Creates a new page with Sensor IP, Response Time and Sensor Name.
  • The Reports for System, Configuration and Test are pretty much the same with a few minor tweaks like colour coding response time and adding total RAM with % RAM used.
  • Added “Relay and Direct” download options.
    • With Relay, all files are collected and zipped on the local sensor
    • Download buttons are enabled upon zip creation completion
  • Download Zip of all 3 Reports – Creates a zip with all 3 reports.
  • Sensor Databases – Creates a zip of all online sensor databases.
  • Logs – Creates a zip of all online sensor logs
  • The Big Zip – Creates a zip of all online sensors Databases + logs and add all 3 reports

This section of Sensor Control is now pretty much done. I did some sloppy coding to get it working, so I’ll have to review and refactor it. I have tested using it most ways, and it seems stable, but I’m sure I’ll find an extra bug or two. I’m also not sure about the RAM limitation of the Pi’s, because even when using zipped files, the Raspberry Pi doesn’t have much RAM. I created a function to save to disk instead of memory should the database downloads be larger than available memory, but I’m pretty sure I’ll have to do a bit more to get it to writes from the HTTPS download right to disk, instead of putting all the databases into memory and then writing to disk.

Let us see… what else changed… O I’m zipping Database delivery over HTTPS by default, as it can reduce the download size of the Database A LOT! There’s more, but I’ll leave that to the changelog on GitHub.

New Release soon!

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