Sensor Control – Reports

I have Sensor Control Reports complete. I even upgraded the configuration report to colour code on/off items and include more settings. I still don’t really like the layout of the IP’s and functions… but I’ll worry more about that later, and just concentrate on the functionality. I have the HTML layout complete for configuring online services in Sensor Control as well.

Sensor Control is coming together fairly well. It shall be a worthy replacement for Sensor Control Center. I might end up stripping down what Sensor Control Center does, so it concentrates on data manipulation, instead of sensor manipulation. Since data manipulation is where you want real computing power, that’s the direction Sensor Control Center should go… which means it probably needs a name change… hmm something like… Kootnet Data Manipulation? or … Kootnet Sensor Companion? Probably more along the lines of Kootnet Sensors Analytics. Yeah, I think I like the last one.

This means I have a fair amount of work ahead of me. I need to finish off the new Sensor Control, then re-model Sensor Control Center into Kootnet Sensors Analytics. This means I also have to add advanced analytical abilities to Kootnet Sensors Analytics, AKA, put in some AI learning to analyze the data and find neat patterns we would miss ourselves. O I also need to work on tests.

O I added the ability to download the Sensor Database or Logs from whatever sensors you have listed in Sensor Control. one click to Download all sensor logs and Databases to review at a later time. I have also been thinking about adding a “Download the ‘Full Package'” option that would combine reports, databases, and logs of all listed sensors into a single zip file. This would make it especially easy to “grab ‘n’ go”.

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