Improvements, Fixes, and a New Server-Side Release

I have been working on the final touches for the past few days. Improving logging, refactoring and finalizing Open Sense Map as best I can. Kootnet Sensors now supports adding the sensor onto an Open Sense Map account with the press of a button. It will automatically add all supported sensors to Open Sense Map but I’m not sure how to get the ID’s required through the API, so you have to log in to Open Sense Map and grab the IDs used in the settings section of Kootnet Sensors for Open Sense Map.

I have already sent Open Sense Map an email asking about how to get those ID’s through the registration process, so hopefully, they’ll reply soon.

Things seem fairly stable right now, so I released Version Alpha.27.126 under the standard update channel.

I’m pondering what to work on next since there are a few area’s I need to update now. Here’s a list of my Todo’s so far.

  1. Continue working on ‘Sensor Control’ – This is a web-based replacement for the PC Control Center program. Right now it can check if up to 20 other sensors are Online.
  2. Update the Control Center program.
    • Support the new Online Service Configuration files.
    • Incorporate improvements made to Graphing from the Sensor Side.
  3. Include the required sensor “Drivers” and other Python modules instead of downloading them – This should speed up installation and standardize the module versions. Some will always be downloaded, such as Flask to ensure security updates.
  4. Update Sensor reports with newly learned CSS & HTML.
  5. Add more sensor support (This one will never be complete, always adding more sensors).

Another thing I have been thinking of doing is adding support to install the Sensor Server side on Ubuntu. I’m not sure I could get the main sensors working with it, but at least I could more quickly view changes I want to test in areas outside the sensors, such as cosmetic changes to the HTML pages… In fact… I have not actually tried to install it on Ubuntu … it might just work now… Guess that’s the first step, see what breaks 🙂

That’s it for today.

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