Enhancements and more Online Services

I had someone email me about my program recently who asked if I was going to support more online services like Luftdaten. This was great, because I posted a few days before, asking what other Online Services I could add support for. In fact, I still have gotten no replies on the forum post asking about other services. Through Luftdaten, I also found Open Sense Map, which I am adding support for right now.

Luftdaten is already working and supported but Open Sense Map has a much more complicated API with Logins, Tokens, Station ID and even Sensor IDs (one per sensor). It looks like the API is pretty comprehensive, as I can even create new accounts, sensor stations, change sensor settings, etc. So far I have 2 sensors uploading to Open Sense Map with manually set Sensor ID’s and such, so next, I want to be able to just enter in a Username / Password and have the program create the sensor under their account with included Sensor IDs and such (Program use Simplicity is a project goal).

I modified my Graphing to use multiprocessing instead of threading. There was no difference in the time it took to finish a graph, but the web interface seemed more responsive during its creation on the Pi’s with more then 1 CPU core.

Let’s see … what else… I have started on the web portals “Sensor Control”, which allows interaction with multiple sensors (up to 20 right now). Sensor Control is going to be a “replacement interface” for the PC software Control Center. I don’t think I’ll actually get rid of the Control Center, as it can create graphs on much faster computers and interact with offline databases but I will be putting more focus on the Web App’s side of things. So far it can check to see if other sensors are online. Next, I’ll be adding the ability to create system and configuration reports, then the ability to change settings on multiple sensors at a time (Good for the deployment of multiple similar sensors).

That’s it for now.

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