Enhancements and fixes!

So, I have actually done a fair bit since my last post. I won’t list it all today, but I’ll mention a few recent highlights.

For starters, apparently, my Windows Control Center python virtual environment wasn’t actually working on other computers! Among other things, the Python3 virtual environments get tied into the username of where it was created. So when I went to test it on my other computer, it worked (Same username)! but when I tried to put it on someone else’s computer, it did not… So after a fair amount of searching, I found something better then what I was doing (on a few levels), called pynsist. Before I basically created a virtual environment and used Inno Setup to put it all together into an installer. All needing a windows machine to do it on. Pynsist, on the other hand, is all done in Linux creating an installer with an embedded Python3 and required files! Very nice for consistency, especially when you provide the pip packages.

It took a bit to get it working, especially around pip (PyPi) packages, since it doesn’t install the pip requirements of the package you install. AKA Plotly and matplotlib were missing a lot of required 3rd party modules! Long story short, it was easier to install Python on windows, use pip to get the packages, then copy them into an include packages folder for pynsist. Worked very well after that.

Because the previous installer is not working, I uploaded a not fully finished version for the Windows control center program, but it SHOULD only be minor visual glitches, such as window sizes and a not so great looking “Sensor Display” section to have the sensors show things like sensor readings, assuming it has a supported display installed.

Anywho, I’m going on a trip tomorrow for a few days, so I don’t want to stay up too late, but a few of the enhancements include the following.

  • Display functions added for mini LCD / LED displays attached to the sensor.
  • New sensor support (I Think I added 7 or 8 new sensors).
  • Re-worked services so everything runs from a single program. The first program launches threads of other required programs like trigger variance checks and the HTTP server for remote access.
  • Added button in CC for Upgrading to the latest Development version.
  • Added new sensor types: Altitude, Distance, GAS, PM, Ultra Violet.
  • Added more Sensor Commands in CC: Check/install missing dependencies, Clear Logs on Sensor.
  • Refactored file names for clarity.

All in all, I’m pretty happy I have made more progress. Programing is also starting to make more sense and I’m finding it easier to figure out how to do things. Whether it’s the best way to do things or not is another story. There are definitely some structural improvements that could be made now.

Until next time!

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