Mild progress

After going for a bit of a hike and camp trip with my brother, I got a slight bit more motivation to poke at the sensor programs. This time I improved the installers and uninstallers. I’m pretty sure the Control Center HTTP installer now works with other Linux distributions decently. Works on my Pi’s and Ubuntu 18.04 just fine, as well as the uninstallers.

The Sensors program now offers to install the Control Center at the start, and makes installing a lot faster if you choose not to include it. If you do have the Control Center installed as well, uninstalling the sensors program will ask if you also want to remove the Control Center program.

I’m pretty happy with the HTTP installers now and will most likely convert the SMB installers to use a zip file like HTTP, instead of rsync’ing the folders and files. Although it will take an extra step when pushing a test, it will be a lot cleaner and quicker. I’ll probably create a script to auto zip the files into the right areas, taking only as long as it takes to type in the bash alias in a terminal.

I also want to look into making a .deb installer so it can integrate with the primary package manager and creates a normal spot for removal.

That’s it for now.

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