Re-Thinking Interval & Triggers

After a bit of thought, I think it makes sense to have ALL sensors available as both Interval and triggers. So that’s my next overhaul. I’m also going to add the option in config to enable to disable each one individually as well. For simplicity and making sure the sensor doesn’t start filling the storage too quickly, I’ll have Intervals enabled by default @ 5 min and Triggers disabled by default. Since I already have the 3 data point checks in place, it will be extra easy to add single checks … in fact, I’m pretty sure I can just make a single ‘single check’ 🙂 Pass the type and sensitivities as variables and bobs your uncle!

On another note, I have done preliminary work on the SQL modifier. I drew up a design idea about how to display and interact with the data. So I’ll start up the GUI soon… I’m just debating integrating it into the main control center program, instead of having it separate. I’ll be sure to make it modular as I go, so it can be integrated easily later if I so choose.

1 day later …

So I’m halfway through my Interval and Trigger modifications. There’s actually a bunch of other refactorings that have to be done to make it all work. Nothing too complicated, but I do have to step back a bit to see the big picture and figure out the best way to have it all mesh and work together.

I also took the time to re-organize my file structures for the rp-sensor program. I moved all the operation py files into a operations folder. It’s a lot cleaner now since many operational files have been added over time.

The development version of my program is broken until I get the modifications done, so I’ll most likely have it done by tomorrow (I don’t like leaving things broken). Who knows, maybe I’ll even finish it tonight … but I doubt it, since my brain is not working very well today.

In other news, I have set up my Goal Zero Yeti 150 in the shed plugged into power to keep charged. So it should keep my sensors in the back up during power outages. Later, when there is more sun, I’ll see about setting up the solar panels to keep it charged instead. It has been really dark recently, not only due to it being the shortest day of the year soon but also it has been darn cloudy. I miss summer and fall already… well maybe not the superheat of summer, but definitely the bright sun during it.

Slow winter progress but progressing all the same. At some point down the road, I also want to start my IT program, which I will use as my quick goto utility to get system information and run common commands. I might even make it with Flask or Django, so it has the ability to be used remotely later on.

I hope everyone has a great winter holiday!

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