New Mini Router ‘n’ Stuff

As the title suggests, I have a new mini router for my sensors.  Same company, but a version with 2 external antennae.  It works MUCH nicer!  My far sensors in the shed connect with no issues now!  Before, pings were sporadically 10ms up to 300ms, but with this new mini router, it’s pretty much a consistent 5ms for all the sensors.  Lost pings also went from 33% in the shed to about 1%.  
It costs about double the price ($55 Canadian vs. about $25 for the original) but it is worth it in my case. 

I randomly had some Refactoring inspiration and motivation, so I jumped on that yesterday.  I also ‘fixed’ a few spots with graphing, such as not trying to graph at all if they cancel the database selection.  I also put in a few more pop-up messages for the user when things are cancelled or not selected right.

I have been thinking of what would make a release worthy of a Beta or pre-release, and without actually researching standards, I think when I’m certain about the ‘core’ operations of the program, I’ll shift it to Beta.  While I’m still deciding or open to changes on things like my network protocols, database column names, how data is stored, etc, etc, it will remain Alpha.  

In other news, I’m not super enjoying winter right now, hovering just around 0 Celcius.  Seems just right for creating really wet and slushy conditions outside.  It makes it hard for me to enjoy my outdoor walks and jogs.  So I’m guessing program progress will suffer a bit (not to mention my mood).  However, the wonderful thing about making programs, is once you get aspects right once, its right from then on (unless changes want to be made).  So even if I only do a little, over time it will get better and better.  

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