I added support for my new sensors, and got the live graph to show all 6 colours of the new 6 channel spectral sensor.  

All good news, but I feel like I’m starting to get a bit lazy on my implementations, and I need to set aside some time to refactor.  I have already started a bit here and there.  For example, I have been moving stray configuration options and settings into the config python file.  I want to make it the one-stop file for almost all the customized variables.  I also need to get my unit tests working again, since the move to Flask.  

There has been a lot of additions since the last release now, so I’m trying to work on tests instead of features … but I do kinda want to get the SQL note viewer and editor working.  I’m pretty sure no one actually uses my program yet, so I might hold off on the release and work on a few more features and some refinement.  

In other detailed adjustments, I was thinking of how to add the different Wavelengths of light into the database.  Since I have RGB saving into the database as individual colours “Red, Green, Blue”, I finally decided on adding the 6 common colours of the visible spectrum and make notes in the sensor module for the Wavelengths it’s capturing.  This should allow a balance of accuracy and simplicity.  I was thinking of using the Wavelength itself as the entry column but realized it would add extra complications down the road.  

I have definitely slowed down on progress, and I think the winter blues are causing a down turn of motivation.  

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