New Sensors and work

So, good news first, I just got some new sensors as of … 30 min ago?  I’m really excited to test out the 6 channel spectrometer, but I also got a light and proximity sensor, Garden HAT for the Pi Zero and a few LCD displays.
Specifically, I got the following from Pimoroni.

  • AS7262 – 6 channel spectral sensor
  • LTR-559 – Close range (4 cm?) proximity detector & lumen sensor
  • 1.12″ Mono OLED 128×128 display

In other news, I revisited my Raspberry Pi Network Testers, which are 2x Pi’s made to test Ethernet cables and routes.  It’s now been updated to my present Python & Linux programming knowledge.  AKA it now uses systemd services, bash installer scripts and works directly with the original E-Ink libraries, instead of a 3rd party one I found.  All in all, its cleaner, more efficient and functions as one would expect for use and errors.  

I’m getting closer to releasing another Sensor Control Center update, but I might tweak a few things before that.  I want to enhance my SQL note section, so you can browse, edit and delete entries.  
We’ll see what happens. 

I have also been thinking about making an I.T. technician toolkit of sorts.  Creating a simple GUI app to quickly do common IT related tasks, like quick virus scan with a self-contained scanner, ccleaner type clean-ups, show system information like IP, uptime, free mem and HDD, etc.  I think I’ll also create a built-in script runner, so you can pick from a dropdown to run whatever script you like, as well as the ability to add new ones.  If I create most things as scripts, I should be able to do almost anything … So I’m kinda looking forward to releasing a useful diagnostic tool.  

Since I have been a bit busy with work, I have not been working as much on my programs.  

Until next time!

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