Making programs to test my programs!

Another milestone reached!  I have now looked into and created a unittest program for testing the control center program.  It’s just a basic one right now, and it mostly tests the configuration sections.  As time goes on, I’ll add more tests and probably re-structure some of my other functions to be more test friendly.  

With tests coming along and the GUI broken up using OOP concepts, I think that covers 2 of the bigger things I had to figure out.  Now it’s just optimizing and expanding them… or another overhaul, if I find other new programing concepts worth implementing. 

I might work on adding the control center into the Raspberry Pi Sensor installer next … and creating menu shortcuts would be nice too.  That way, you can fully test out the sensor programs, simply by setting up a Raspberry Pi.  The sensors also responds a lot nicer, when it’s using ^_^

So most likely I’ll be doing touch up work next.  I have a fairly decent list of smaller changes to be made, like making live graphs work with the Trigger sensor types, adding a “Last updated” entry on my reports and implementing more unit tests. 

Until next time.

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