Logger change Done!

Yay, updated to use the standard Python logger in all the Control Center py files EXCEPT Graphing, which I need to do a big overhaul on anyway, so I’ll do that at the same time.  

I might update the sensor code for the hardware next, to give it a decent log.  I also still need to update the trigger code in a multitude of ways too.  That or maybe I’ll do more on the Graphing, as I have been meaning to do that for a few weeks now.  

Just thought I would post about the excitement of logging!  Being able to adjust the logging level is super nice too!  I can definitely get away without making a test program for a bit.  At least until I work through a bit of my todo list and break apart a few of my rather long functions.  I think that about does it for programing today, time to relax a bit.  

On a unrelated note, the smoke is basically gone now.  Had a few good rain falls and its very clear skies!  

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