Logging first, test apps later

Since I have been replacing the logger in my app away from my home grown one, it’s looking like it will function WAY better between different py files then mine.  I was doing some crazy return messages from other py files to the main, where the log was kept.  I realized this was not sustainable pretty darn quick, and only had a few function use it outside the primary py file.  Now with the built in Python logger, I think I can get a lot of good info delivered for troubleshooting purposes.  

Since I want to get started on creating new abilities and function, I’m going to do the logging overhaul now, and then continue functionality development.  I’ll delay implementing the test programs, to space out the “boring” work.  This should aid in keeping Motivation higher. 

Chances are, because I’m using this project to learn how to program initially, I would end up creating and tearing down the test programs every time I learn better ways of doing things.  So I think logging is a better way to go for now, until I have more firm foundation of creating stable classes and functions…. of which I have not actually created any class yet, pretty much using separate py files as a “class” (mimic the organization of  class).  AKA I still have to read up on python classes to see when and why to implement them vs a new py file.  

Work and Family matters have picked up recently, so I have less time to work on the program, but I’m trying to at least poke at it once a day (the program itself or learning about programing).  I’m also still figuring out PyCharm and Git both of which I’m liking more and more.  

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