Sensor Website & Information updates

I took a bit of time to update the websites.  This should better relay some information about the project.  You’ll notice a few more links in the menus.

I have also been testing the new PC application features a fair bit, and think they are ready to be released.  I’ll upload new installers and test Databases by next week. Old databases won’t work with the new version, due to new columns added to take magnetic readings (Graphing looks for those new columns).

Old databases can be updated fairly easy, by just having the updated sensor units record into the database (auto adds missing columns).  This will allow use in the new program.  I’m also working on my SQL Database modifier so this can be done locally, but that’s still a ways off.  

I used PyCodeStyle on my primary application, and its in good shape now according to that (LOTS of minor changes made).  Although I still have to look into making my ‘try: except:’ statements more accurate, as the except catches all right now.  I’ll have to find a walkthrough or video explaining how to use the except properly and specifically.  

I also started to read the new book I got for “Clean Code”, which most of it so far makes sense, as it’s a lot of attention to detail, continual re-evaluations and putting the time in learning and practicing better ways.  Sounds like what I’m doing already, so that’s good to hear in the first chapter. I’m looking forward to getting into the details in later chapters!  

Until next update! 

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