Making Better Code

As my Project gets bigger (well over 1000 lines of code for the PC prog alone), its becoming more and more obvious that I need to set aside time to learn how to write better code to make it easier to read.  Adding better built in error checking and well documented functions would help too. 

I’m also fairly concerned about the feedback I’ll get when posting my code for the first time, as I know from experience, a lot of people online are better at pointing out faults then actually helping you (Part of the reason I have not posted my code directly yet)

After a fair amount of google searching, using different searches to find relevant information, I came across a good link for python that had more links and book references to help.  So I think I’m in a good place to start learning about cleaning up my code.  

The first and more direct helper is “pycodestyle” (was pep8), which is a python module that can be installed with pip.  This will be HUGE in the initially clean up stage.  I also got a book called “Clean Code: A Handbook of Agile Software Craftsmanship (Robert C. Martin Series)”.  The reviews were all good, except for the physical quality of the book (formatting off for print size and pages falling out?).  So I got a kindle version and will start to read through that.  

I’m also happy to say that the smoke has cleared up a LOT!  So I have been going for my morning walks again, and feeling much better.  

There have been some decent additions to the PC control Center program, both in function and organization of data.  So I may post a updated version soon, or at least update the pictures.  

In other news, I have opened up a GitHub account, and it looks fairly straightforward in how it works and what it offers (At least to get started).  So once I actually clean up my code, it’s going there for public review and access!  

Guess that’s it for this post.  Lots to do and learn, but enjoying the process.  I especially like looking back at older versions of my program and seeing how much progress has been made.  

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