New Sensors!

So, I'm rather excited to say that has released a new attachment board called the "Breakout Garden".  It lets you hook up to 6 sensors at a time, without the need to solder! And you can swap them around all you like.  I especially like the fact it makes the sensors stick up, so the heat from the Pi itself should affect it much less, if at all!  

I might of gone overboard a little bit… not going to say how much I spent, but I will say I have a good set of 4 fully loaded sensor boards on the way.  I'm pretty sure Pimoroni was the one that had really good Python libraries, so I'm looking forward to working with them, and probably making them my primary sensor boards.  Because of the modular nature of the board itself, and I'm working with soo many different sensors, I need to make the programs modular, so it can install and be used with different kinds of sensors…. Its a bit of a undertaking, so I'm going to think about how to implement that for awhile.  

In other news, I have some decently working installers for my PC Sensor Control Center application.  Everything appears to be working well, right after install. 

I added a Configuration window to load, set and change multiple settings, such as timezone offset, Temperature Offset, SQL Querries to skip in graping, default date selections, etc. I have also made all program and file location settings compatible with any OS (I'm pretty sure…).  If the config file is missing, it creates one with default entries, so if anything messes up in it, just delete config.txt in the main app directory, and load the program again for a fresh new copy.  You can also reset it from the Configuration window.   

As you can see in the picture, I have added the GPL ver. 3 to the program.  I also had some people recommend some well documented python code to try and emulate for commenting / documenting my own code.  I'll be working on that to make the code easier to modify.  The air quality in my town is litterally off the Canadian air quality scale, and I'm finding it harder to concentrate in general, so I might put this off for a bit.


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