Picture of my Sensors

I just realized, I have not actually posted a picture of my physical sensor units yet!  I started with the Raspberry Pi 3B+ and a SenseHAT, but changed to the Raspberry Pi Zero W with a Enviro pHAT later on, due to cost, power usage and expandability.  The bigger one is the Pi + SenseHAT, the mini's are the Pi zero + Enviro pHAT. 

The Raspberry Pi 3B+ with the SenseHAT was a lot easier to deal with, since I didn't have to solder anything, just push it into the pin.  

The Raspberry Pi Zero w on the other hand, I had to not only solder the 40 Pins on the Pi (for about 6 of them, after which I found pre-soldered ones), I also had to solder the connections on the Enviro pHAT.  So 80 solder points later per sensor and they are good to go … well physically any way.  This was my first go at soldering, and thanks to a video on the Raspberry Pi's website, it went fairly well (and by that, I mean they all worked).  

So there you go, those are my physically made sensors that my program connects to over the WiFi network.  

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