Xubuntu 12.04

So I have been using Xubuntu 12.04 for a few days now.  Oddly enough, I think I like the Xfce desktop more so then unity and probably gnome3 … although gnome3 isn't bad.  I also installed it to a USB stick, so I can take my desktop around with me to almost any computer.  So far so good, but I'm getting a faster USB Flash drive to help out load performance and performance in general if I'm doing too much (like lots of chormium tabs open).  Xubuntu also seems to be glitching less.  For some reason Ubuntu 12.04 kept crashing a few things, especially empathy connecting to authorize my chat logins (facebook / gtalk).  Since xubuntu uses Pidgin, no problems, although I remember reading it saves passwords in plain text… so I did encrypt my home directory.  I also encrypted it because it is on a USB stick, and I didn't want to lose it and have some one get complete access to all my files!  

I found out a few other cool things today!  Like holding down the Alt and right mouse button and dragging from inside a window will actually resize it.  So you dont have to try and perfectly put the mouse on a corner or side!  SOO much easier.  I can't tell you how annoyed I got trying to resize something on a 1080p monitor with a decently sensitive mouse.  Finding cool things like this reminds me of the more time you invest in figuring out Linux in general, the more you are rewarded.  At first glance, you may not want to ditch windows or Mac for any variant of Linux, but the more time you spending learning about it, the more your going to love it!  The 3 bigest things I love about linux are

1.  Loads of choice!  There are thousands of apps you can use, to tweak the intire OS.  I love the fact you can install multiple desktop interfaces (gnome, xfce, unity, etc) and just pick what ever one you feel like using on logon.  

2.  #1 works right into #2, which is customization.  Most of any distro is Free Open Source Software, which means you can tweak the software any way you want.  This gives even more choice with all your choices!

3.  The majority of Linux software does not cost money! Only time to figure out and learn to use to its maximum potential.  


Remember kids, Linux is free to download, distribute and use.  It can also be run directly off the CD to try out or a USB stick.  So start playing around with it and have some fun!  Technology is cool 😀  


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