Been awhile since a post!

Its been a while since my last post so… thought I'll just do a random post with misc. Updates. 

For starters, I am now using Ubuntu 12.04 as my primary OS for general use.  Its not bad, but it does crash randomly… not completely, in fact it seems to be mostly the google part of empathy, but also some random other stuff but not nearly as noticable (says chromium crashes, but it didn't).  I am also using Gnome 3 as my primary UI, as it seems more responsive and I like how it works more then Unity.  I also had issues with the nvidia close source driver, so I went back to the reverse engineered open source driver and it works better… in compatibility not performance.  

Hmm Proxmox has come out with 2.1 as well, which is a awesome upgrade over 1.9.  I have setup 2 of "servers" with it and clustered them (not with HA though… need extra equipment).  Its pretty awesome how its all laid out, and having the ability to "backup now" instead of trying to set a temporary backup a few min ahead is nice ^_^  

My friend matt has re-light my interest in Seti / boinc and I have setup a VM on both my Proxmox servers that run boinc now.  Should start cranking out a few more units (before it was pretty much just running on my step dads computer).  

Lastly for this post, I have got a e-reader (Kindle touch) and have been reading about liquid thorium reactors (safe nuclear energy).  Its actually really interesting and can solve a lot of the problems we have with current nuclear reactors (uranium light water reactors).  Other books I have been reading include Windows Server 2008 R2, Ubuntu desktop / server book (the "Official" ones).  

Any who, I'll try and get something "cooler" to post later.  

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