Kootnet Sensors Beta.34.150

I have released an updated version of Kootnet Sensors that fixes a few bugs, improves performance and adds a few other features and refinements.

Here are a few of the changes.

  • Enviro+ display works again
  • On program boot, logs and configurations are zipped and saved in the database along with Running version, hostname, ip and the date
  • Added table for database information (Will be used in future updates)
    • Added type of database (Main, MQTT, Sensor Checkin)
  • Updated database uploading to be more consistent with expetections
    • Uploading a zip will use the database name in the zip
    • Uploading multiple databases in a single zip will add all valid databases using their file names
  • Added instructions on how to run Kootnet Sensors manually by downloading the source code
    • Updated code to allow easier running of Kootnet Sensors outside of expected linux service folder
    • Creates and uses data, configurations and python virtual environment in the users home directory
  • Visual adjustments to the Web Portal.

In other news, I have made contact with someone who’s willing to try and make a 3D printable tricorder case to put around some Raspberry Pi hardware and sensors. So I’ll be working on that in order to attempt the creation of a working StarTrek-themed tricorder!
To start, I’ll have to figure out what screen and buttons I should use, along with which model of Pi.

Until next time!

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