Kootnet Sensors Ver. Beta.32.x in Stable!

I have been doing a bit of testing today, and so far, things are working great, especially around graphing through the MQTT Subscriber database (AKA using recorded data from remote sensors). New and upgrade installs have been tested and seem good as well.

So out with Beta.32.64 as the new Stable version!

Be sure to check out the improved MQTT Publisher & Subscriber as both have been enhanced decently. There’s a good chance you’ll be able to configure MQTT Publisher to send your readings to almost any sensor collecting website that supports MQTT.

If anyone is trying it, let me know if you come across any bugs!

Find installers here or if you are already using Kootnet Sensors, goto the advanced section and upgrade to the latest stable version.

P.S. Please note, due to changes to the MQTT Publisher system, your MQTT Publisher configuration will be reset to defaults.

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