Kootnet Sensors Updates

I have made a few updates to Kootnet Sensors now. Here’s the short list.

  • Created new index.html (main web page) – It’s now a very simple page
    • Does not require any special scripts
    • Contains quick basic info
      • Sensor ID
      • Version
      • Hostname
      • Local IP
      • Disk Space check
      • Sensor’s date/time in UTC0 and with its local TimeZone
      • Link to Main Web Interface
  • Added SQLite3 Database Management Page
    • View information on Main/MQTT/Sensors Checkin Databases
    • Download Main/MQTT/Sensors Checkin databases
    • Download or Delete backups of the Main Database
    • Upload Databases
      • Replace Main/MQTT/Sensors Checkin databases
        • Replacing the Main database creates a zipped backup of the old one
      • Upload Custom databases for Graphing
    • Manage Custom Databases
      • Rename, Delete or Shrink (Vacuum) Databases
  • Updated Graphing to work with other Databases
    • Can now graph Main or MQTT Databases
    • Can graph Custom uploaded databases (Main or MQTT)
  • Create and Manage multiple IP lists in Remote Management
  • Added /robots.txt route to discourage web crawlers when set to port 80
  • Created an “Online” installer that’s only 1.4MB compared to the Offline installer at 44.5MB. The Online installer is now used when upgrading.
  • Bunch of refactoring

Things appear to be working well, so I have uploaded it into the Dev channel and it’s probably safe to try out. I’ll be running more tests in a few days and then I might release it into the Stable channel.

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