Close to a new Kootnet Sensors Release

I’m getting close to moving Version Beta.31.x to the stable channel. I’m doing some final touches now, such as tweaking the HTML code to look proper on Firefox and updating the documentation.

This release has a few cool new features, such as.

  • Email reports and graphs at a set interval
  • A new “Quick Graph” section for faster basic HTML graphs
  • Sensor Control now uses text-based configurations for pushing to multiple sensors. This should make it easier to get and save configurations the way you want. It’s also a lot less work for me when configurations are added or changed.

I suspect I’ll have this done in a week or two. The next version after this, I want to create a “Backup” section that allows uploading the database & configurations through FTP and other services like Dropbox, OneDrive & Google Drive.

In other news, I pre-ordered a reMarkable 2 paper tablet. I hope to use it for design idea’s and note taking. It should help focus and organize my thoughts. It will be nice to have a history of all my thoughts along the way too, since my existing paper notebook is … deteriorating quickly.

That’s it for this update.

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