Almost ready!

Kootnet Network Testers are almost done! That’s the new name I decided on because it’s already in the GitHub name. On Raspbian, TCP/IP 4 can be configured on both the Ethernet and Wireless adapters, as well as the wireless connection settings, such as SSID & passkey. There’s some more testing to do and a few bugs to fix. For one, I was able to test over the wireless network (cool!) but it showed that the MTR readings were getting cut off if more then double digits on the WaveShare display (doh!). The Web interface had no such issues and ran great.

For testing, I set static IP’s on the ethernet adapters of 2 Raspberry Pi’s (a 3 and a 4) and connected the wireless to my network. I used the wireless connections to control the 2 units through the Web Portal after connecting both their ethernet ports to a single ethernet cable. The tests ran great and I have already seen some interesting deviations of speeds, depending on a few factors like what systems are being used, cable and route. It was kinda funny to test my wireless speeds from my office, as they were mostly in the single digits.

Things are on track for an end of the month release. Besides testing and bug fixes, I also have to add a few validation checks for user input around the network configurations. I have a bunch of other ideas, but they’ll have to wait until after the initial release.


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