New Release Ver. Alpha.25.252

Another release! I actually released this one awhile ago, and am already on development version Alpha.26.140, of which I have changed a fair amount again but I should probably start by saying whats new in 25.252.

To start, I have been spending a fair amount of time researching and implementing CSS with a framework called “MUI“. It has some great looking functions to create buttons, tabs, dropdown menus, etc. I’m also slowly figuring out how to adjust multiple HTML components by using style to target classes, names, ids, etc. So that’s coming along nicely and the web interface looks a lot nicer thanks to it. I actually don’t have any sensors running the previous version, so I kinda forget a bunch of what I did, but I’m pretty sure I added a bunch of functions, such as updating to standard or development editions, edit configuration files, reboot/shutdown/restart services and view, download and even clear logs.

In my Development build, I have added the following in no particular order.

  1. New CSS side menu
  2. New Log Viewer page
  3. New Configuration adjustment page
  4. Ability to create and view Plotly graphs from the local sensor webpage
  5. Other visual adjustments, enhancements & bug fixes

I’m still working on improving the look, feel and functionality of the web interface and to that end I’ll be putting in an option for different themes since I know not everyone is a fan of the dark theme I have going.

Another thing I have been working on for a few days is getting the Particulate Matter and GAS sensors working properly for recording and it’s now working fairly well. Since the PM and GAS need to “warm-up”, I created threads to constantly pull data every second to keep it alive for more accurate recordings. It seems to be working and I’m now gathering Air Quality data for both inside my house and out. Unfortunately, I did not have it working in time to get readings before and after a good smoke session came through from local forest fires, but Its recording now for future events.

The last thing I’ll say, is I’m planning on adding a link to a demo unit on my website, so people can check it out without installing it (not that it’s hard to install if you have a raspberry pi).

Until next time!

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