Version Alpha.24.152 out

A new version is out!

I actually meant to post about this when I released it on May 1st, but O well.

This version has a lot of enhancements but I’m fairly … something right now, so I’ll post about all that later.

I’m also starting to build the application as a web app, so a web browser can be used to go to a webpage on the sensor itself to see all sensors and most other variables, like system uptime, RAM usage, last update, etc, etc. It should be fairly easy to port Plotly graphing over since it outputs into an HTML page already, so sending that page with flask will be easy. The big thing I have to learn is actually web design, so I can have consistent looks and feel throughout the pages. Having it look nicer will be awesome too.

With the web design in mind, I purchased a copy of “100 Days of web in Python”. I started the first part about flask, and I’m already getting some good pointers.

That’s it for now. I’ll post some updates later on the new features.

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