Ahh, I managed to get a few good hours in for refactoring. The imports are now standardized. AKA I import like this ‘from folder import module’, which I then access everything from it with module.whatever or module.whatever_function(). This makes it a LOT simpler to find out where everything is located. So tracking down functions and variables is easy now.

I also spent a good few hours on the local management and information HTML webpage. It uses a dark theme and displays all the useful data and links minus actual sensor readings, for which I am going to make another custom page which will have things like automatic reading updates, color changes based on sensor readings, etc. I have not even started on the page yet, but the empty functions are all set to be filled in. I’ll probably work on that one too before a new release.

The 2 things left to do before a new release are.
1. Refactor the control-center program like the RP sensor program (imports & naming).
2. Create a decent sensor readings webpage.

I suspect I’ll be ready by the end of the month. Yay motivation and progress ^_^

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